Artisans Continue the Ancient Art of Rug Making

 For centuries, people from around the world have been making stunning and decorative rugs that are suitable for all types of homes. Diverse cultures have their own styles, and some of the most renowned and intricate imported rugs in the world come from the Middle East and Asia. While the original need for carpets was to keep cold floors in homes warm, today they are enjoyed for the artistry and style that these elegant pieces bring to home decor. 


Carpet weaving has a long tradition in Turkey. They invest significant training in weaving techniques and are known for the Turkish “double knot.” They create classic rugs with tribal and floral designs with variety of colors using silk and/or wool. Their style is often very personal, reflecting the ways in which the climate and geographic conditions have influenced their lives. 


India has long been known for specialty weavers and artists dating back to the 16th century when royal courts had their own carpet styles. They were often created from high-quality materials such as silk, Kashmir wool, and even incorporated gold threads and gemstones. 

The country continues to produce hand-made rugs in both traditional and modern designsusing a variety of knotting techniques. Contemporary color schemes including lighter shades and deeper hues suit all styles of home decor. 

Afghan Rugs - While they could never be called simplistic, rugs hand crafted in Afghanistan tend to be slightly less elaborate than those from other parts of the world and may be more tribal in nature.


Pakistan produces both traditional and contemporary designs using a variety of weaving techniques and colors, typically using wool to craft their exotic rugs. They are known for their distinctive and durable design with a high density of knots. The rugs commonly feature popular motifs, such as medallions, paisleys and various geometric patterns.  The design in each carpet tells a story. 


Of course, handmade rugs have always been associated with Persian culture. They are known for their intricate designs and  single knotting technique. Persian rugs typically are made in traditional styles using specific designs, such as medallion or floral patterns, with primary or basic color schemes. Artisans weave their rugs using silk and/or wool. 

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