Gorgeous Rugs Can Easily Transform a Room

Rugs historically have served an important function and have been an essential part of culture. Even today beautiful and durable carpets help to convert housing into homes and homes into centers of style.


Rugs contribute to both the visual and thermal warmth to a room. The placement of a well-made classic Turkish, Persian, Indian, or Pakistani carpet atop the modern hardwood, tile and stone floors can create a softer, more welcoming space in your home. 


Every room of your home is an invitation for a well-crafted rug. Large and open floor plans welcome an elegant area rug that will rest underneath a grouping of easy chairs or a dining table for family meals. Various sizes and shapes of rugs can be placed next to a fireplace, entertainment center, or end-tables to enhance conversation, food, and wine.


A good quality handmade rug can complete any room layout. The various textures, colors, and patterns can enhance any decor. From domestic and imported rugs, from small size to room-size, from muted earth tones to bright and rich colors, from simple to intricate patterns, any space of your home can be greatly transformed with a well-placed quality rug. 


Artisans trained in hand-knotting work meticulously to produce fine art for display on floors. However, imported handmade rugs do not always have to reside on the floor. They can also be displayed on your walls as well designed and beautiful works of art. 

If you're looking for unique, imported handmade rugs for your space, come see what Lolo Rugs and Gifts has to offer. We collect quality, hand-crafted rugs and accessories. We also provide rug cleaning, repair and appraisals for your convenience. 

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Our staff can provide excellent recommendations and will even do an in-home consultation if you'd like!  

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