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Handmade Modern Rugs

Bestow a piece of Turkish tradition with one of our handmade modern rugs for sale. Each rug is a fragment of Turkey’s culture and brings the warmth and richness of our heritage to any home.

Handwoven History

Our handmade modern rugs may not carry the stories of antiques, but although they’re of recent manufacture, the techniques our weavers use to make them have been passed down through the centuries.

Village carpet-makers weave each strand of stout wool or fine bamboo silk with skills honed through generations. The exquisite design of each handmade rug is painted using authentic vegetable dyes. This gives them the luster and hue of rugs from times long gone.

Colors of the Past

Our rugs are saturated with colors both complex and simple. Each hue seems to have been drawn from Turkey’s palette. The deep browns and rust tints of our lands, the burning reds and oranges of our sun, and the cool greens and blues of our rivers and seas.

Our collection of modern home rugs are pieces of handwoven history, each strand bearing the weight of Turkish culture and each painted stroke rich with the heritage of our forefathers.

Bring home a piece of Turkey’s past. Bring home a piece of history.

Browse our selection today.

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