Buying Area Rugs: 4 Important Factors to Consider

Your area rugs shouldn’t just be pieces of fabric you use to cover your floors. They should be magnificent statement pieces that enhance the charm and aesthetic of any room and maintain the practicality of the accessory. You should select your area rugs with the same precision and care you exhibit when picking wallpaper.

Whether you’re going to buy traditional Turkish rugs or modern floor rugs, keep these four factors in mind to ensure your rug is an ideal floor piece instead of a costly cover-up.

1. Area Size

First thing to consider is the size of the room where you’re going to put your floor rug. This will tell you the size of the rug you’re going to get. Without noting down the dimensions of the room, you may wind up with a rug that’s so big you have to fold it or so small it barely covers any flooring.

Determining the size of the room is even more important when buying modern area rugs online because you can’t handle the product to know if it's going to fit your space. So before you choose a rug, remove all the furniture, break out your measuring tape, and start writing down dimensions.

2. Maintenance Requirements

Different rugs will have different requirements to keep them clean and well-maintained. These requirements will vary from material to material and even between manufacturing dates or styles.

A modern floor rug with mid-century design will have different washing or cleaning instructions from a rug of traditional Turkish design.

Before buying an area rug, make sure you’re capable of maintaining it yourself or you can afford professional cleaning services. You should also never remove the tags of any of your rugs, as these contain their maintenance instructions.

3. Materials and Design

Rugs are part of your home’s entire design and demeanour, so you should keep their materials and appearance in mind. Wool is the fiber of choice by most rug makers because of its durability. But it tends to shed a lot, quickly losing its pristine appearance.

Silken rugs are beautiful, smooth and lustrous, but are also very delicate and expensive.

Rugs made of cotton don’t shed as much as wool ones, and you can wash them in a machine. But they may appear underwhelming or inadequate in elegant rooms. 

Their manufacturing method also comes into play. Machine-washing is discouraged for all but the most durable rugs, although some modern handmade rugs can be durable enough for the process. Some designs even help prolong rug life. For example, looped-fiber rugs reduce the shedding and wear of wool.

4. Pet Considerations

Finally, don’t forget to remember how your pets affect the longevity of your rug, and if your rug could negatively impact your pet. If you keep a dog or cat indoors, it will only be a matter of time before they urinate on your large modern area rug.

Find pet-resistant rugs, which are treated to withstand the worst urine stains and are easier to clean. But no rug can bear up against continual scratching and clawing, so it’s best to train or keep away your pets from delicate rugs.

Rugs are more than just floor coverings; they’re art pieces. But they also need to be more durable. So when choosing an area rug, remember these factors to make sure you get the ideal fit for your floors.

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