Rug Trends of 2020

You’ll never realize a rug or carpet’s impact on the overall design of your room until you hit the rug jackpot (or find THE perfect rug for your home or office).  Between narrowing down the texture and pattern that suits your space’s design to figuring out the right size for any room, picking a rug can be a challenging and time-consuming activity.

Fortunately, 2020 offers many amazing options for rug hunters. Check out these stunning rug trends and transform your space without breaking down a room or repainting a wall.

It’s All About Layering

Modern floor rugs are available in varied textures and patterns; merely choosing one or two can be tricky. If you can’t decide on one pattern or texture, go for a layered rug look.

Layering is a great way to have fun with different rug styles, but it’s essential to consider your space before you layer. For example, cowhide rugs are bold statement pieces that work well over neutral carpet choices (e.g., wool or jute rugs). This combination enables you to cover more area without overpowering the space. Alternatively, you can make a bolder statement by mixing two bold patterns.

Sustainability is the New Must-Have Style

As more people become conscious of the impact of their purchases on the environment, the need for sustainable interiors increases. There is nothing more eco-friendly than reusing materials for decor, which is why vintage and antique rugs are great additions to your home.

Apart from giving off a rustic or historical vibe to any room, these rugs guarantee exceptional quality — given that they have survived many years and still look amazing.

In line with the eco-trend, there are also a growing number of rugs made from natural fibers. Rugs made from natural materials give your home a luxurious dimension and authentic character. Many of these fibers, such as silk and wool, also boast of premium quality.

When choosing sustainable rugs, pay attention to its composition. Make sure there are no artificial materials in it. The better the material composition, the longer it will last.  

Go Neutral with Your Colors

Although many popular rugs come in bold colors and patterns, neutral-colored rugs are picking up steam, too. Earthy and natural tones can help your space feel more warm, welcoming, and inviting. In the bedroom, for example, a combination of neutral shades soothes and pleases your vision, encouraging relaxation. Add a beige or white Moroccan rug to your room’s decor for a calm environment.

Bohemian is Still In

Bohemian is an unusual and unpredictable style that is inviting. This timeless style uses natural materials like cotton and wool to achieve that warm ambiance that suits any room.

When choosing a bohemian rug, go for those with muted tones and colors. The goal of incorporating the bohemian style to your room is to make the space cozy and homey, so find a rug made from natural materials to achieve this vibe.

Rugs are lovely additions to your space, no matter what the year or trend is. Take advantage of 2020’s rug trends with Lolo Rugs and Gifts. Find your new rug at our shop today!

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