Your choice of rug sets the tone of your Las Vegas home’s interior design. Its color and texture add character to your home. The warm cushioning balances the cold floor underneath. Lolo Rugs and Gifts has the experience and expertise to protect the beauty and quality of your rug. We provide professional rug cleaning, repair, and restoration in Nevada.

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Rug Cleaning

Even the tidiest homeowner will encounter challenges with rug cleaning. There will inevitably be dirt, dust, and allergens that settle on your rug’s surface. And if food and beverage spill on your modern rug, pungent smells may stick to the fabric and permeate the air.

Lolo Rugs and Gifts understands how difficult it is to sanitize and deodorize rugs regardless of your cleaning materials. This is why our Las Vegas rug cleaners offer professional cleaning service. We use natural cleaning materials to restore your rug’s original beauty, texture, and structure.

We recommend professional cleaning at least every three years to keep your rug in top shape. A more frequent service may be necessary if you have pets or receive heavy foot traffic at home.

Rug Repair and Restoration

As adorable as your pet is, their mischief might cause trouble for your rug. One day, the rug looks great. And the next, your four-legged housemate decides to make it their new chew toy.

Or even if you don’t have pets, constant foot traffic may take a toll on your rug.

Our in-house team of rug restoration specialists know exactly what to do when parts of your rug gets unraveled. We are well-versed in the traditional techniques of Turkish carpet-makers. We re-weave your damaged rug until it looks good as new.

You may drop off your rug at our Las Vegas showroom for a free evaluation. Or if you prefer, we can arrange home pickup and delivery for you.

Rug Appraisal Service

Insurance companies typically require an appraisal in case of natural disasters, thief, or robbery. Estate planning may also call for an assessment on the value of your rug. When you need an appraisal for whatever reason, Lolo Gifts and Rugs has a highly qualified staff that can do it.

Our professional staff surveys your handmade rug based on where it’s from, how large it is, how much its retail value is. We also take note of its design and current condition, of course. We provide an accurate and honest appraisal of your traditional or modern rug based only on facts.

Design Your Home with Tasteful Rugs and Accessories

A beautiful rug determines the atmosphere of your living space. But you also have to pay attention to the details that complete the look. Lolo Rugs and Gifts features a variety of lighting options and home accents that complement your interior design. We also offer a selection of authentic Turkish towels and handmade soaps if you’re focused on bathroom re-design or renovations.

If you’re shopping for personal accessories, our Las Vegas showroom also carries expertly crafted statement jewelry in gold and sterling silver.

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