Your rug plays a major role in interior design. Your choice of traditional or modern rug will set the tone for the rest of your living space. It has to look fresh, clean, and in optimal condition at all times. But the warmth and richness of a beautifully handmade rug may be overshadowed by dirt, dust, and distress.

Lolo Rugs and Gifts’ rug store in Boulder, CO provides professional cleaning, repair, and restoration services. We also offer rug appraisal service if the need arises.

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Rug Cleaning

The soft, warm cushioning of your rug may be worn down due to high foot traffic. It may be stained because of food spillage and mischievous pests. Then there’s dirt and dust that settle on the surface. These are some things that regular cleaning may not address.

Our professional rug cleaning service for residents of Boulder and nearby areas will extend the life of your floor coverings.

Our professional rug cleaners are experts at both traditional and modern rugs. We provide hand-washing service that is as mild and gentle as possible on your rug. We use natural cleaning materials that preserve its original color and texture. Drop off your rug at our Boulder store or arrange home pickup and delivery today.

Rug Repair and Restoration

Pets can do a lot of damage to your rug. An overexcited puppy tends to chew on anything they can get their paws on. And cats have surface scratching tendencies that aren’t easy to address. In addition to these factors, minor trip-and-fall accidents and the occasional roughhousing may cause tears on your rug.

Lolo’s professional repair and restoration service makes it look like there wasn’t any damage done to your rug at all. Our in-house team includes professional re-weavers who preserve the antique techniques of Turkish village carpet-makers. Our rug restoration specialists make sure your rug looks good as new.

We work on your rug directly from our Boulder premises. All rugs are fully insured for our repair and restoration services. Trust our team to restore your rug to its beautifully textured glory.

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Rug Appraisal Service

Lolo Rugs and Gifts is passionate about handmade modern rugs. We’re well-versed in the history of handwoven rugs and the saturated color palettes that echo Turkish culture and heritage.

Our rug specialists take note of your rug’s origin, design, size, and retail value as the baseline of our assessment. Then, we consider its age and condition when finalizing our appraisal. We can do this at our Boulder premises. Or if it’s more convenient for you, we can arrange an appraisal schedule on location.

Rug appraisal is necessary in some situations. Your insurance provider may require the appraisal in case of natural damage or theft. Or, you may need it for estate planning. Whatever your reason is, you can count on our honest assessment of your rug’s value.

Add Tasteful Accents That Complement Your Rug

Lolo Rugs and Gifts is not just a rug cleaning and restoration service provider. We’re also a lighting store. We showcase traditional Turkish lamps and handmade chandeliers that complement your rug and complete the overall design of your living space.

We also feature other unique home accents, bathroom towels, and natural handmade soaps that add character to your home.

If you’re shopping for personal accessories, our shop in Boulder also carries handmade jewelry in gold and sterling silver.

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