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Turkish Chandeliers and Lamps

Turkish Chandeliers and Lamps - Cracked Glass

Bring the allure of Turkey’s luxurious cultural aesthetics to your living space. Lolo Rugs and Gifts presents chandeliers and lamps handmade according to techniques passed down to generations of light artisans in Turkey. Their skilled hands fashioned these unique pieces out of metal, hand-blown glass, and mosaic materials.

Each piece lends the room a sophisticated, old-world charm, transforming even the most minimalist of halls into an awe-inspiring, conversation-starting room.

Illuminate Your Space

Make layered lighting work for your rooms. Our Turkish chandeliers can serve as ambient lights or the main source of illumination. Then, search our collection of table lamps for the perfect task lighting, which directs a concentrated beam of light to workspaces. Finally, browse our lamp selection for accent lighting—decorative pieces that not only illuminate but also enhance the aesthetics of the space.

Elevate Your Interiors

Textured, intricate, and fascinating. Turkish lamps are the epitome of exotic interior design, giving the house a touch of drama and mystique. When you place the perfect lighting fixture in one corner of the room, your experience of the interiors is immediately elevated.

It doesn’t take exorbitantly expensive lighting decor to make your house look luxurious and elegant. All you need to do is install pieces with distinct craftsmanship to infuse high-class style into your home. Your Turkish lamps will surely be a conversation starter and focal point at every party.

Use Safe Lighting

Although Lolo Rugs and Gifts employs traditional Turkish craftsmanship, our products pass modern UL safety standards. We can guarantee that our lamps and chandeliers are safe and energy-efficient. Moreover, they can carry LED lights, which are energy-efficient and keep your energy bills to a minimum. Don’t be fooled by their traditional look, either. Our lamps emit light as bright as any modern lighting fixture.

Lolo Rugs and Gifts boast lamps and chandeliers that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, as well as fit any budget. Explore our collection:

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