The Ultimate Guide to Bamboo Silk Rugs

Are you having a hard time finding that perfect rug for your home? Are all the rugs you have come across either too thick, too thin? Or just plain unappealing? Are you looking for a rug that is both durable and aesthetically pleasing? Well, then it is time for you to consider purchasing a bamboo silk rug.

A Look at Bamboo

Bamboo was used thousands of years ago in ancient Asia. From use as writing tablets to weapons to housing material, bamboo was integral to the growth and development of ancient societies. Now, what exactly is bamboo? Believe it or not, bamboo is a type of grass. It has incredibly thick stem walls and grows at a rapid pace, making it one of the most renewable plant crops around. Plus, bamboo crops have an additional benefit: they release abundant oxygen into the atmosphere. Bamboo silk is simply a modern adaptation of this natural resource.

The Makings of Bamboo Silk

This new type of material appeared in the 20th century, and it has become ubiquitous due to its versatility and eco-friendly properties. Bamboo silk is made from bamboo, which undergoes treatment to turn the cellulose into a thick paste. After extrusion, the material is dried and woven into a soft thread that's ideal for rugs.

Elegant and Versatile Rugs

Bamboo silk fibers are soft yet incredibly durable; offering up an instant appeal for any home environment. Elegant and eye-catching bamboo silk rugs Bamboo silk rugs can brighten up any room. Is your home a constant revolving door of visitors? Never fear! Most bamboo silk rugs are a blend of bamboo silk and wool, which provides extra support and resiliency.

How Do You Clean Bamboo Silk Rugs?

When properly cared for and cleaned, a bamboo silk rug can bring you joy for years to come. Always raise the bristle bar of your vacuum when cleaning your bamboo silk rug, this will prevent the threads from catching.  In addition, we recommend vacuuming with the pile direction not against it.

Never rub at spills; instead, blot with paper towel. For stubborn stains, add a touch of vinegar or dish soap to a damp paper towel. Then, blot, blot, blot away! For large issues, your best bet is to reach out to the professional like us!

Is inspiration knocking? Come visit us at Lolo Rugs, and explore our gorgeous collection of bamboo silk rugs.

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