A Buyer’s Guide to Purchasing a Turkish Rug

A high-quality rug can change the entire look and feel of your home. That’s why so many celebrities, politicians, and other famous people have purchased Turkish Rugs for their houses and proudly display them for their guests. A Turkish rug is a smart investment and can instantly make your home feel more luxurious and beautiful. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you are purchasing a Turkish rug.

Evaluate Quality

When purchasing a Turkish rug, you want to determine if it is a handmade rug – those are always the highest quality. Turn the rug over and examine the back of it – the design should have a high count of knots. The finest rugs will have a knot count of 500 or more. The knot count will vary based on the design and pattern, but in general, the more, the better.

Geometry and Patterns

Turkish rugs come in many different patterns with different geometric shapes. Each design has a different meaning, and you should look for one that appeals to you. Examples are geometric designs, the central medallion design, the tree of life and the prayer niches. Each one tells a different story and expresses something unique.

Natural Material

Natural material is one of the most important factors in purchasing a Turkish rug. Natural materials, such as wool and silk, are much more durable than synthetic materials and can last for years. Look for high-quality silk and wool – the wool from sheep that live in colder regions tends to last much longer than those from warm and dry regions.

Natural Dyes

It’s also important to look for rugs made with natural dyes, such as those extracted from flowers, roots, and insects. Imitation rugs will use artificial dyes that can fade over time and can change color. You can test for synthetic dyes by running a coin over the rug – if it’s fake dye, it will rub off onto the coin.


Make sure the rug is a size that is functional for your home. It’s a wonderful addition to any room and can help control temperature, provide comfort and boost the aesthetic appeal of your home.

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